Tournament will be held from 19st August to 28th August 2016. Secretariat d’Entitats de Sants Hostafrancs i la Bordeta, Catalunya Chess Club, La Cadena Chess Club, Comtal Chess Club and Barcelona City Hall, are the organizer of XVIII International Chess Open of Sants, Hostafrancs and Bordeta, for players with federative license.

This tournament is valid for Catalan, and FIDE ratings. This Tournament is the last valid for the Grand Prix de Catalunya.


1.The tournament will be played using Swiss Dutch System at ten (10) rounds. The tournament will be held in 79 Sants St, Barcelona (Auditori del Centre Cívic de les Cotxeres de Sants) and other halls near this hall. The tournament will give points for the Catalan Circuit (A superior category) both in the general and the rating sections standings.

2. There are three groups (“A”, “B” and“C”):

Group A: open to all players, regardless of their rating, with a FIDE ID.
Group B: open to players up to 2099 FIDE rating with a FIDE ID.
Group C: open to players up to 1799 FIDE rating with a FIDE ID.

In all groups, players will be ranked in order of FIDE rating. Unrated players will then be ranked in order of FEDA rating and finally FCE rating will be used. Other local or national ratings will be recognized by organizing committee.

The organizing committee may not allow them to play if their playing strength is considered to be higher than the highest rating in the group.

Players who haven’t stated their preference at the time of their registration will be assigned to the most suitable group at the discretion of the organizing committee.

3.The organizing committee may cancel a registration.
4.Pairings will be supported by the computer program “Swiss Manager”.
5.Tournament will be held from 19st August to 28th August 2016, both included.
6.Rounds will be played at 16:30h, except last round – 28th August – at 9:30h.
The closing ceremony will start on 28th August at 19:30h.
7.The rate of play will be 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move for the first 40 moves,
followed by 30 extra minutes, with a 30 second increment per move starting from move one.


Apr 21, 2021

Magnus Carlsen: it was a “very, very, very good game”

Anish Giri won what Magnus Carlsen described as a “very, very, very good game” to beat Wang Hao in Round 9 of the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg and move to within just half a point of leader Ian Nepomniachtchi. Fabiano Caruana had a great chance to catch Nepo but was held to a draw by Kirill Alekseenko, while MVL is also just half a point back after narrowly avoiding a second loss in a row. He escaped with an 88-move drawn that Magnus called the “last nail in the coffin” of Ding Liren’s chances of winning the tournament.

Every round is massive now, and in Wednesday’s Round 10 we have a clash between two of the chasing pack, MVL-Giri, while Nepomniachtchi-Alekseenko is a game Ian is probably targeting for a full point, despite Kirill’s excellent restart. Caruana-Ding Liren, it goes without saying, is a heavyweight clash, though Fabiano by now has a lot more to play for.

Magnus Carlsen warned us off making any predictions for the final result, since he recalled how the final four rounds of his only Candidates Tournament, in London 2013, had been pure mayhem. “Something weird always happens,” he noted – in short, you don’t want to take your eyes off this event!

Don’t miss all the Round 10 action, with Magnus commentating alongside Tania Sachdev and David Howell, from 13:00 CEST exclusively on chess24.

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Sep 09, 2020

C Qualifier final stage of the chess24 Banter Series

Rauf Mamedov will take on Aryan Tari this Saturday in one of three finals to decide who joins Sam Shankland and Liem Quang Le in qualifying for the 16-player final stage of the chess24 Banter Series, an event that will feature the likes of Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. Rauf reached the final by defeating Loek van Wely (who began by mouse-slipping a rook twice in a row!) and Ray Robson. Aryan Tari defeated Mateusz Bartel and then Jorden van Foreest. The semi-finals featured only two draws in 14 games!

This week the C (Sunday and Monday), D (Tuesday and Wednesday) and E (Thursday and Friday) Qualifiers play quarterfinals and semi-finals, before the finals all take place on Saturday. The goal is to join Sam Shankland and Liem Quang Lie in qualifying for the 16-player chess24 Banter Series Final.

Quarterfinals: mouse-slips and mate-in-1s
The quarterfinals were a tale of two halves, with one side of the draw featuring two crushing victories. Rauf Mamedov beat Loek van Wely 5:1 with four wins and no losses, while Ray Robson wrapped up a 4.5:0.5 victory even quicker against 14-year-old Indian prodigy Gukesh.

The scores didn’t tell the whole story, though, with 8-time Dutch Chess Champion Loek van Wely giving Rauf Mamedov a huge head start. To lose one rook to a mouse-slip may be regarded as a misfortune…

Cheparinov-Narayanan is at 16:00 CEST while Keymer-Huschenbeth is at 21:00 CEST and you can watch all the action with the players’ commentary on chess24.

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