The World Chess Championship in New York City got off to a relatively quiet start on Friday with a draw in Game 1 that was tense at times, but lacked pyrotechnics.

Magnus Carlsen, the defending champion, had White. After a ceremonial first move by the actor Woody Harrelson, Carlsen surprised Sergey Karjakin, the challenger from Russia, and also many of the grandmasters watching the game in the venue in the Fulton Market building in the South Street Seaport, by essaying the Trompowsky Attack. Though the opening sounds dangerous, it is slightly off-beat and is not thought to pose great difficulties for Black.

Carlsen played quickly during the opening, indicating that he had prepared the Trompowsky for the match, while Karjakin took more time, clearly proceeding cautiously in his first World Championship game. With a couple of precise maneuvers, Karjakin avoided any problems and, after only 19 moves, most of the major pieces for both sides had already been exchanged.

Carlsen, who had a slightly better pawn structure, continued to press on – something that he is noted for and that has brought him success in the past. He may have also continued to play because he wanted to test Karjakin and try to put some psychological pressure on him. But Karjakin is noted for his defensive ability and he had no trouble.

The game lasted four hours and was drawn after 42 moves.

In the press conference afterward, both Carlsen and Karjakin agreed that if Carlsen had any chances to win, they ended when he played 27 f4, allowing Karjakin to shut down any opportunities for Carlsen to penetrate on the kingside.

The entire broadcast of the game can be replayed below.

Game 2 is on Saturday and begins at 2 PM EST. Karjakin will have White.

Jan 25, 2017

The Tradewise Gibraltar Open is the strongest and best-organised chess event

The 15th edition of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters is stronger than ever this year, featuring Top 10 stars Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Hikaru Nakamura, the Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan and an embarrassment of riches that makes Boris Gelfand only the 10th seed.

Traditionally the 10-round open starts with almost no surprises in the first round, but this year was different:
Frank Buchenau (2274) beat Abhijeet Gupta (2645) while Spain’s Emilio Sanchez (2257) crushed Russian rising star Grigoriy Oparin (2625). Both pulled off those feats with the black pieces! Gelfand and Ganguly were held to draws, as was Nigel Short – but when it came to the English former World Championship Challenger that was a miraculous escape:

You can watch the Gibraltar Masters here on chess24 from 15:00 CET each day, while the Tata Steel Masters of course also continues with Round 10 starting at 14:00 on Wednesday. The show is moving to Haarlem (not to be confused with Harlem, New York).

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Tournament official website

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Feb 11, 2017

For Beginners: 3 Tips To Attack In Chess

A famous saying goes “chess is 99 percent tactics.” Here are three tips for studying tactics:

Practice calculation and solve puzzles at least three times per week. Your ability to spot tactics successfully during a game will depend upon pattern familiarity, which is built up over time when you consistently solve tactical puzzles.

Review the solution to every problem you attempt to solve, in case you missed anything. By reviewing the solution, you will be exposed to many different ideas at once, adding to your tactical intuition later on.

Look for tactics during analysis. There doesn’t have to be a mate-in-one in front of you for you to study tactics. Look for potential tactics during analysis of your own games and when playing through master level games. If a tactic you spot wasn’t played, try to figure out why.

The best way to train your tactical ability is to practice on’s Tactics Trainer, which provides you with thousands of exercises for all levels ranging from beginner to grandmaster. Be sure to also check out’s videos and articles about tactics to improve your understanding. Happy solving!


Oct 11, 2017

Euro Club Cup 2017: Champions overthrown

Evgeniy Najer’s victory over Pavel Eljanov was the only decisive result as Legacy Square Capital beat defending European Club Cup Champions Alkaloid in the big upset of Round 2. Vladimir Kramnik and Alexander Grischuk were again rested by top seeds Globus, but Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won a brilliant game against Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu as the team scored a 4.5:1.5 victory. The other top teams also won, while in the women’s section favourites Batumi Chess Club struggled again and this time fell to defeat.

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