Talk about a baptism of fire! 14-year-old Vincent Keymer has been paired to play World Champion Magnus Carlsen in Round 1 of the GRENKE Chess Classic on Saturday. The good news for the kid? He has White. The bad news? If he survives he then has Black vs. Anand and White vs. Caruana in his next two rounds! Meanwhile the start of the massive GRENKE Chess Open featured an unfortunate incident: 15-year-old Alireza Firouzja forfeited his Round 3 game against Israel’s Or Bronstein rather than get into trouble back in Iran.

Back at the chessboard, meanwhile, there have been few sensations so far, though it was curious that the star player on Board 1 in Rounds 2 and 3 was on each occasion held to a draw – Etienne Bacrot in a 149-move game against German FM Robert Stein, and Gata Kamsky against another German FM, Emil Schmidek.

The big event starts at 15:00 CEST on Saturday 20th April, when Jan Gustafsson will be joined by Peter Leko to commentate on Keymer-Carlsen and all the other games from Round 1 of the GRENKE Chess Classic live here on chess24. Don’t miss it!

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Jun 16, 2020

Carlsen wins Clutch Chess

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen won the final game on demand to beat Fabiano Caruana and pick up a total of $75,000 after a spectacular final day of the Clutch Chess International. Magnus struck first but the single draw in the next game came in the middle of a sequence of nine decisive games in a row. Fabiano notched up an amazing four comebacks in total but it was Magnus who won the most clutch game of all and got to employ the “shush” celebration that had once backfired so badly against the same opponent.

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Oct 20, 2016

Magnus Carlsen went undercover to challenge hustlers in New York

He’s been called the Mozart of chess. But during a recent stroll in New York, grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was just like any other player in Washington Square Park.

The 25-year-old Norwegian, who’s the world’s best chess player, was joined by actress Liv Tyler as he challenged a number of players — and most of them had no idea who he was.

Magnus Carlsen, 25,  the top-ranking chess grandmaster in the world, went undercover to challenge hustlers in New York’s Washington Square Park

Most who faced off against Carlsen at Washington Square Park didn’t know who he was — but quickly discovered once he started beating them in 10 moves

He stopped by the Manhattan park alongside close friend Liv Tyler to challenge a number of local hustlers.
‘At the moment, I didn’t know who it was,’ said one of the players who faced off Carlsen in October 6.
‘I was just playing. I tried to win, but when I saw him make a move, already I knew it was like, you know, he’s a very strong player.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Tyler smiled and snapped photos on her cellphone while watching Carlsen play in the park.


  • Magnus Carlsen, 25, is the top-ranking chess grandmaster in the world
  • Carlsen became a grandmaster at age 13 and, by 19, he was already considered the world’s best player
  • Carlsen and Tyler have appeared together on a number of occasions since they starred together in a fashion campaign in 2010


Nov 18, 2018

Brilliant defence from the World Champion

Fabiano Caruana outplayed Magnus Carlsen from a seemingly dead position in Game 6 to come within a whisker of scoring the first full point of the match. Computers, and some chess fans, were screaming mate-in-36 for the US challenger, but the endgame win was one Peter Svidler didn’t think it was “humanly possible to find” in the time available. Instead the 80-move, 6.5-hour draw could be chalked up as brilliant defence from the World Champion, who confessed to having been “way too casual” earlier in the game. The match is level at 3:3 at the halfway point.

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