Levon Aronian has won the inaugural Superbet Rapid and Blitz and almost guaranteed himself a place in the London Grand Chess Tour finals after beating Sergey Karjakin in a playoff. It was a bitter end for Karjakin, whose missed win in the final round deprived him of any chances of going to London. Vishy Anand is now well-placed to book a ticket through the final event in his native India, while the main stars in Romania were perhaps the wild cards Anton Korobov, Le Quang Liem and Vladislav Artemiev, even if it was a day too far for Anton.

Going into the Superbet Rapid & Blitz Levon Aronian was the only player in the field to have won a Grand Chess Tour event this year (the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz), and in fact apart from Levon only Wesley So and Fabiano Caruana had ever won a Grand Chess Tour tournament in its 4-year history. He started the final day in 2nd place, a point behind Korobov and half a point ahead of Le Quang Liem, but after beating both those players in the first three rounds, along with Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, he’d opened up a 2-point lead over Korobov and a resurgent Vishy Anand.

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Feb 18, 2017

Only 16 are remaining in contention for the title of the Women’s World Champion

Only 16 out of 64 participants are remaining in contention for the title of the Women’s World Champion. In the first game of the third round Nana Dzagnidze, Anna Muzychuk and Antoante Stefanova defeated their opponents, while five other games finished in a draw.

In a Slav Exchange Variation Shen Yang didn`t find the right way to neutralize pressure of Nana Dzagnidze and found herself in an unpleasant position. Her attempt to sacrifice a pawn in order to get conter play was refuted by Nana’s nice tactical blow 25…Ng7!

It was not clear how Antoaneta will break through but by playing 51…Re6 Nino Khurtsidze missed nice idea 52.Bd4! threatening Nh6 mate. As a result Georgian player had to give up a pawn on e6 and later on former World Champion confidently mated Black’s king with knight and bishop.

After Anna Muzychuk grabbed a pawn on d4 on move 23, she didn’t leave any chance to her opponent Pham Le Thao Nguyen to survive. After victory with Black pieces it seems Anna has the best chances to proceed to the next round.

Game Kosteniuk-Cramling left the spectators in a slight disappointment because a draw was agreed in a slightly better position for Black. Perhaps Pia decided not to take any additional risk and will try to press with White pieces tomorrow.

The second game of the third round of the FIDE Women’s World Championship starts at 3 p.m. local time on 18th of February.

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Jun 25, 2018

Nakamura wins Paris Grand Chess Tour

Hikaru Nakamura overtook Sergey Karjakin on the final day of blitz to take home the winner’s trophy from the Paris Grand Chess Tour. The American displayed his great skills at accelerated time controls as he only lost one game in both sections. Wesley So drew his last eight games to finish clear third behind Karjakin and still leads the GCT overall standings.

When we last reported from Paris, Wesley So had a one-point lead over Karjakin and Nakamura. The three players remained on the “podium” throughout the weekend, but ended up switching places. The first one to rise over his colleagues was Sergey Karjakin. The Russian seemed to be heading for clear first after his outstanding run of five consecutive wins on Saturday. At some point, Sergey even threatened to surpass Carlsen on the blitz live ratings list.

Nakamura took home $37,500 and 13 Grand Chess Tour points. In addition, his strong performances in the blitz sections of Leuven and Paris netted him 37.2 rating points, which leaves him 24 points behind Carlsen on the live ratings list. Hikaru is now ready to enjoy the summer.

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Feb 25, 2017

Tehran WWCh: Second games of the Semifinals

In the return game of the semi-final clash, Alexandra Kosteniuk lost against Anna Muzychuk and was eliminated from the Women’s World Championship. Harika Dronavalli made a comeback by winning an epic battle against Tan Zhongyi.
It seems Alexandra Kosteniuk didn’t manage to recover after yesterday’s loss. In a must-win situation she decided not to exchange queens after 7…dc and ended up in a worse position after 8.e5 Ng8. Anna Muzychuk increased her advantage and won the game to become the first finalist of the World Championship.

In what turned to be the longest game of the tournament, Harika Dronavalli had many chances to finish the game more than 100 moves earlier.

She missed the opportunity to give a force mate in 5 after 57.Qe7! Kc8 58.Bd3!

It’s hard to explain why Harika decided to change the queens a few moves later but instead of completely winning position she transferred the game into an ending with drawish chances for Black. Nevertheless, with a precise play Indian player managed to get a position with Knight and Bishop vs King. It was clear that Harika had problems to remember the winning plan after 6 hours of play and her opponent decided to check her technique. After 45 moves White finally managed to create a mating net.

The matches is tied, and the outcome will be determined on tie-breaks on 25th of February.

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