Gukesh, fresh from his Gelfand Challenge triumph, takes on Johan Sebastian Christiansen today as the San Fermin Banter Blitz Cup qualifiers continue. The D Qualifier also sees the likes of Baadur Jobava and 14-year-old Grandmaster Marc’Andria Maurizzi in action. They’re fighting to join the already qualified Adhiban, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Liem Quang Le in an 8-player final that will decide a player in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and also next month’s San Fermin festival in Pamplona, where World Champion Magnus Carlsen plays.

The month-long Banter Blitz Cup qualifying features eight 8-player knockouts, and with the D Qualifier starting today we reach the midway point. As you can see, it’s quite a line-up, with today’s quarterfinals including some real prodigies: 15-year-old Gukesh holds the record as the 2nd youngest grandmaster of all time, 14-year-old Maurizzi recently became the youngest ever French Grandmaster and 20-year-old Polina Shuvalova was the 2019 World Girls Junior Champion.

The likes of dancing chess genius Baadur Jobava and Argentinian no. 1 and Meltwater Champions Chess Tour player Alan Pichot require no introduction.

The schedule for today, Wednesday June 16th, is as follows (all times CEST).

  • 15:00: Christiansen vs. Gukesh
  • 17:00: Cheparinov vs. Shuvalova
  • 19:00: Jobava vs. Santos
  • 21:00: Pichot vs. Maurizzi

Tune into the D Qualifier matches from 15:00 CEST right here on chess24!

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Feb 24, 2017

Sharjah GP 4-5: Adams bounced back to beat Jon Ludvig Hammer

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov joined Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the Sharjah Grand Prix lead by beating Mickey Adams in Round 4 on a day when Nakamura and MVL set the tone by drawing their top board encounter in 18 moves. The only other decisive action was an attacking win for Li Chao over Tomashevsky that Pepe Cuenca has analysed for us. Pepe got to cover a very different game in Round 5, when Adams bounced back to beat Jon Ludvig Hammer in one of his trademark positional masterclasses.

In the other game Mickey Adams showed the skill and resilience that have kept him near the top at the age of 45. His understated description of his win over Jon Ludvig Hammer as “quite nice” is enough to know it’s something special! Pepe Cuenca also took an in-depth look at that game:


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Jul 17, 2016

Another impressive win by Carlsen

With each round of the “Masters” in Bilbao World Champion Magnus Carlsen seems to get better. After his first round loss against Hikaru Nakamura he won three games in a row – in round four he defeated Wesley So in just 26 moves after a seemingly innocuous opening. It was the only decisive game of the round. Hikaru Nakamura drew against Anish Giri and Wei Yi drew against Sergey Karjakin. Carlsen now leads with 9.0/12.
Carlsen’s concentration yielded results. He defeated Wesley So in just 26 moves and always seemed to be one step ahead of his opponent.


Jun 09, 2021

Superbet Chess Classic

The original plan for the Grand Chess Tour was for only the ten full tour players to compete in the classical event in Romania, but with Ian Nepomniachtchi choosing to become a wild card a spot suddenly opened up for Romanian no. 1 Constantin Lupulescu. How was it to face the world’s best players after the break imposed by the pandemic.

After a comfortable draw against Levon Aronian, Constantin then lost to Fabiano Caruana, and in Game 3 was facing another of the world’s Top 10, Anish Giri. He could have been forgiven for playing as solidly as possible, but 14.f3!? was the move of an ambitious man.

First MVL, now Anish Giri! The Romanian players in the Superbet Chess Classic continue to show their teeth, as Constantin Lupulescu withstood a powerful attack by Giri to hit back with a mating attack of his own. The win for the Romanian no. 1 was the only decisive game of Round 3, with Grischuk-So and especially Radjabov-MVL featuring little action. Levon Aronian gave Fabiano Caruana a scare, while Bogdan-Daniel Deac continues to lead with Fabi after showing no fear in his game against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.

In Tuesday’s Round 4 you would once again expect to see most action in the games featuring the Romanian players, who have the black pieces against opponents who outrate them to such an extent that “Elo logic” requires them to play for a win: Grischuk-Deac and MVL-Lupulescu.

You would be tempted to put your life savings on a draw in Mamedyarov-Radjabov, So-Caruana is a clash that at least online tends to end in a quick draw, while Giri-Aronian has potential. Levon Aronian has a shocking 7 wins to 0 classical score against Anish Giri!

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