Magnus Carlsen will return to action after the World Championship match when he plays in Wijk aan Zee for an 18th time on the 14-30 January 2022. Magnus will be looking to win an 8th Tata Steel Masters title, but will face tough competition from world no. 2 Fabiano Caruana and local hero Anish Giri. 13 of the 14 players have been announced, with 16-year-old Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour winner Praggnanandhaa given his debut in the top event, while another teenager, 19-year-old Andrey Esipenko, gets the chance to build on his brilliant debut in 2021.

The 84th edition of the super-tournament in Wijk aan Zee is hoping to put the pandemic behind it with the return of the Challengers, amateur events and even spectators, though current restrictions will keep the numbers below pre-COVID levels. Tournament Direct Jeroen van den Berg commented: I am delighted that we will be able to organise amateur tournaments again and will be receiving visitors as well. The mix of amateurs and grandmasters all playing their games in the hall in De Moriaan is unique in the world and creates a very special atmosphere. I am certain that chess aficionados all over the world will rejoice at this news.

Most attention, however, will once again focus on the main event, the Tata Steel Masters, with Anish Giri present at a press conference on Tuesday where 13 of the 14 players were announced.

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Feb 25, 2017

Tehran WWCh: Second games of the Semifinals

In the return game of the semi-final clash, Alexandra Kosteniuk lost against Anna Muzychuk and was eliminated from the Women’s World Championship. Harika Dronavalli made a comeback by winning an epic battle against Tan Zhongyi.
It seems Alexandra Kosteniuk didn’t manage to recover after yesterday’s loss. In a must-win situation she decided not to exchange queens after 7…dc and ended up in a worse position after 8.e5 Ng8. Anna Muzychuk increased her advantage and won the game to become the first finalist of the World Championship.

In what turned to be the longest game of the tournament, Harika Dronavalli had many chances to finish the game more than 100 moves earlier.

She missed the opportunity to give a force mate in 5 after 57.Qe7! Kc8 58.Bd3!

It’s hard to explain why Harika decided to change the queens a few moves later but instead of completely winning position she transferred the game into an ending with drawish chances for Black. Nevertheless, with a precise play Indian player managed to get a position with Knight and Bishop vs King. It was clear that Harika had problems to remember the winning plan after 6 hours of play and her opponent decided to check her technique. After 45 moves White finally managed to create a mating net.

The matches is tied, and the outcome will be determined on tie-breaks on 25th of February.

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Nov 28, 2020

The Skilling Open Knockout Games

Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So need only draw on Saturday to reach the final of the Skilling Open after winning the first day of their semi-final matches against Ian Nepomniachtchi and Hikaru Nakamura. Magnus took advantage of Nepo blundering a piece on move 15 of their first game, but then admitted he was “mainly struggling” as the Russian no. 1 failed to convert two winning endgames. Wesley, meanwhile, didn’t lose control all day, and owed his victory to a swashbuckling attack in the 2nd game of the day.

Saturday has a lot at stake as the players compete for a place in the first final of the Champions Chess Tour. Will we see more comebacks, or can Magnus and Wesley hold on? Don’t miss all the action from 18:00 CET here on chess24!  

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Nov 26, 2019

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