Three years and one pandemic since Magnus Carlsen defeated Fabiano Caruana in London to defend his title for a 3rd time, the World Chess Championship match is back! This time Magnus faces Russian underdog Ian Nepomniachtchi, whose late surge into the Top 5 has been perfectly timed to win the Candidates Tournament and earn the right to challenge Magnus to a €2 million showdown. The 14-game match kicks off on Friday, November 26th in Dubai and we’ve got an amazing commentary line-up, featuring Anish Giri and Judit Polgar.

Let’s take a look at some of the details.

Who are the players?

30-year-old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen became world no. 1 at the age of 19 and in 2013, aged 22, he defeated Vishy Anand to become the World Chess Champion. He’s held onto the title ever since, recently celebrated 10 years unbroken as the world no. 1, and has dominated in fast and online chess as well. He’s one of a handful of players spoken of as the greatest of all time.

Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi is just four months older than Magnus and held the edge over his Norwegian rival in junior events before 12-year-old Magnus took over on the rating list in October 2003 and never looked back. Ian had impressive performances, including winning the Russian and European Championships in 2010, but remarkably it wasn’t until 2019 that he finally entered the Top 10. He’ll start the match as the world no. 5.

How did they qualify?

Magnus Carlsen plays as the reigning World Champion. Since first winning the title in 2013, he’s defended it three times: against the same opponent, Vishy Anand, in 2014, then against Sergey Karjakin in 2016 and Fabiano Caruana in 2018.

Ian Nepomniachtchi qualified for the 8-player Candidates Tournament by finishing in 2nd place in the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix. The 2020 Candidates in Yekaterinburg, Russia started just as the pandemic was forcing lockdowns around the world and had to be stopped at the midway point, with Ian in the joint lead but having lost his last game. The event finally resumed only 389 days later, but Ian’s nerves held strong as he won with a round to spare — earning the right to play Magnus.

Where are they playing?

The match is taking place in the Dubai Exhibition Centre as part of Expo 2020 Dubai, an event which, as the name suggests, was delayed by the pandemic. Preparations are well underway!

Follow the Carlsen-Nepomniachtchi World Chess Championship live here on chess24 from Friday November 26th!

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Mar 07, 2022

Belgrade Grand Prix Round 4

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won a spectacular game in the Najdorf Sicilian to end a run of 7 draws in Pool D of the Belgrade FIDE Grand Prix and take the sole lead. There were missed chances for Yu Yangyi against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, and for Sam Shankland against Etienne Bacrot, as all the remaining Round 4 games ended in draws, ensuring a tense battle ahead in the final two rounds of the group stages.

Tune in on Sunday for the penultimate round of the group stages of the Belgrade FIDE Grand Prix action from 09:00 ET | 15:00 CET | 19:30 IST on Sunday.

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Jan 25, 2017

Tata Steel 2017, round 9: Magnus strikes back

Magnus Carlsen joked early on in the tournament that “it’s a shame to waste a White on Loek”, but his game with the white pieces against Van Wely came just when he needed it. He bounced straight back after the loss to Rapport and, with all other games drawn, moved back to within half a point of leader Wesley So. The draw included near misses for Ian Nepomniachtchi and Wei Yi and a wild encounter between Dmitry Andreikin and Pavel Eljanov. In the Challengers co-leader Gawain Jones lost to Jeffery Xiong, allowing Ilia Smirin to join Markus Ragger in the lead.

Tuesday was initially billed as the day Magnus Carlsen could lose his no. 1 spot on the live rating list to Fabiano Caruana. It later turned out that results going against him would “merely” have reduced his lead to less than a single rating point, but such calculations were swept aside in a game where Loek van Wely’s aggressive opening choice soon left him fighting only to draw.

The key games at the top in Round 10 will be Harikrishna-Carlsen, Eljanov-Wei Yi and So-Wojtaszek, while Aronian-Rapport looks like one of the most attractive encounters in terms of style.

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FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss

FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss are held in Riga. The events staged in the format and dates originally scheduled: from 25 October to 8 November, 2021

The city of Riga host the FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss, two events that are part of the qualification cycle for the World Championship. The difficult decision to relocate the tournament from Douglas, its original planned location, was forced due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions still in place in the Isle of Man and the UK.

With the support of the Scheinberg family, sponsor of the FIDE Grand Swiss, the International Chess Federation has been working to find an alternative host city for the events, with the priority to stage them in the format and dates originally scheduled, and keeping the excellent organizational standards that the event enjoyed on its previous editions.

49-year-old Alexei Shirov and 44-year-old Evgeniy Najer caught Alireza Firouzja in Round 5 of the FIDE Grand Swiss after the 18-year-old drew his game against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Alexei crashed through against Ivan Saric and will now play Firouzja in Round 6, while Najer defeated Robert Hovhannisyan. His opponent will be Fabiano Caruana, who made up for two missed win in a row by taking down David Howell. There are now five leaders in the women’s event after Nino Batsiashvili, Zhu Jiner, Elisabeth Paehtz and Jolanta Zawadzka picked up wins.

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