Levon Aronian has won the inaugural WR Chess Masters after dominating a playoff against Ian Nepomniachtchi and Gukesh. Levon had earlier made a quick draw against Gukesh in their classical game and then watched as Nepomniachtchi ground out an 82-move win on demand against Vincent Keymer to join them in the playoff. Aronian wins €40,000, while Gukesh and Nepo shared €20,000 each.

Levon Aronian had said after his Round 7 debacle against Ian Nepomniachtchi that the problem had been he came into the game without a clear game plan and had failed either to push hard for a win or to force a draw.

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Jan 28, 2020

Fabiano Caruana won the 2020 Tata Steel Chess Masters

Fabiano Caruana scored the only win of the final round of the Tata Steel Masters to match the 10/13 last scored in Wijk aan Zee by famous legends Magnus Carlsen in 2013 and Garry Kasparov in 1999. His +7 score left him a full two points ahead of Magnus, who finished in clear second place after Wesley So was content to take a 9th draw in a row. David Antón shrugged off his loss the day before to get the draw he needed to win the Challengers and qualify for next year’s Masters.

The final round of the 2020 Tata Steel Masters looked destined to be an anti-climax. The dream scenario would have been for Wesley So to come out fighting after eight draws in a row and try to beat Magnus Carlsen and snatch second place, but, to no-one’s great surprise, he didn’t.

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Feb 21, 2017

Sharjah, FIDE World Chess Grand Prix 2-3: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave leads

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave is the sole leader of the Sharjah Grand Prix on 2.5/3 after beating Richard Rapport in Round 2 and surviving by the skin of his teeth against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in Round 3. Rapport has provided almost half of the decisive results so far, but things have turned sour after his first round win. Just when he’d escaped to what seemed an easy draw against Hikaru Nakamura he self-destructed and gave his opponent the only win of Round 3.

Nine players have drawn all their games so far in Sharjah, with the lack of the usual restrictions on draw offers proving tempting to the players. Sometimes that’s more than understandable, with Riazantsev and Li Chao paired against each other and both admitting to being happy to end hostilities early after their epic battles the day before. Saleh Salem was also glad to get off the mark with a 23-move draw against Evgeny Tomashevsky.

In another case the early draw didn’t tell the full story. Alexander Grischuk was surprised by a move-order trick from Levon Aronian and spent almost an hour to conclude that, unfortunately, he had no win on the spot… and had just wasted almost an hour on a move he wasn’t going to play!

So with one third of the Sharjah Grand Prix complete the standings look as follows:

In Tuesday’s Round 4 all eyes will be on Hikaru Nakamura, who has the white pieces against leader Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Games start at 15:00 local time, or 12:00 CET.

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Dec 11, 2021

Magnus Carlsen Wins 5th World Championship Title

Magnus Carlsen remains World Chess Champion after beating Ian Nepomniachtchi in Dubai with a crushing 7.5:3.5 scoreline. Ian blundered in a drawish position, but our commentators felt it was deliberate or subconscious chess suicide, since a draw would have meant a mission impossible — the Russian needing to win all three of the remaining games. Magnus has now held the title since beating Vishy Anand in 2013, and he’ll have spent a decade as the champ when he next has to defend his title in 2023. GOAT? “I think there’s still some way to go, but I’m not done with my chess career yet!”

Magnus has now won five World Championship matches, compared to Garry’s six, and at a rating of 2865 after the match (61 points ahead of 2nd place Firouzja) is again rated higher than Garry’s peak rating. Where Kasparov still holds the edge is having been the no. 1 for almost a decade longer. The 13th World Chess Champion himself commented.

What next? Well, the World Rapid and Blitz Championship has hastily been rearranged to take place in Warsaw, Poland from December 26-30 after COVID restrictions made holding it in Kazakhstan impossible. Magnus described his bid to gain the triple crown of classical, rapid and blitz World Champion as a way to celebrate his victory in the match.

He’s going to have plenty of players celebrating with him!

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