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Chelsea Chess Club, 2023

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Oxon LJCC U12 Qualifier 2023, 1st Noah B (5/6)

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Chelsea Chess Club, 2023

Nov 22, 2020

London Chess Classic’s Pro-Biz Cup tournament brings England’s leading players together

Tune in or play in the London Chess Classic’s Pro-Biz Cup tournament which this year is open to everyone and will be broadcast for the first time on Twitch.

Wednesday 9th of December on Twitch channels Photochess and Chesscomevents.

The unique format of the Pro-Biz Cup enables anyone to team up with a top player in a pairs chess format. The tournament is usually held alongside the London Chess Classic in a prestigious venue like Google HQ or the Historic RAC Club in London’s Pall Mall. This year it’s being run online on

The 2020 Pro-Biz Cup brings business minds and England’s leading players together in an online tournament to be staged on at 18.00 UK 13.00 EST to raise money for the UK charity Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC). You, and your business, have the opportunity to team up with chess professionals to learn and play with them in a fun format, in which you and your partner make alternate moves as you take on other Pro-Am pairs in rapid chess.

This year, the chess experts include England number one Michael Adams, England internationals David Howell, Luke McShane, Matthew Sadler, Nick Pert, Katarzyna Toma, Kanwal Bhatia and Dagnė Čiukšytė as well as two legends of English Chess, Jon Speelman and John Nunn. Four of England’s top young players: Marcus Harvey, Andrew Horton, Ravi Haria will also be involved as well as England Women’s team captain Lorin D’Costa.

How does it work?

You will meet your chess pro prior to the first game for a strategy meeting and if you want to further hone your skills in advance, extra lessons can be booked with a CSC chess trainer. There will be a minimum of three matches for all teams. See previous Pro-Biz Cup in the video below. (Note this was over the board).

Each team will have 20 minutes on the clock for all their moves (plus an additional 5 seconds per move). The entrepreneurs will be able to take up to two 1-minute timeouts, during which time they can consult with their GM partners.

Interested in teaming up with a Maestro & Friends for a day of superb chess? All bids and enquiries should be made to:

Stephen Meyler, CSC Fundraiser. Email:

Tune in to the games at 18.00 UK 13.00 EST at

Download the Pro-Biz Cup flyer

Players’ Bios 

Tournament page London Chess Classic…

Grand Chess Tour…

London Chess Conference…

Oct 13, 2016

London Chess and Education Conference 2016

The fourth edition of the London Chess and Education Conference will take place on 10-11 December 2016 at the Hilton Kensington Olympia. As usual it coincides with the first weekend of the London Chess Classic held at the Olympia Conference Centre. The theme of the Conference is “The Didactics of Chess”. The event is supported by Chess in Schools and Communities.

The theme focuses on the practice of teaching in the classroom – how to engage and enthuse children, how to bring the whole class together, reviews of best practice, teaching tips from leading experts, and so on. Our first year focused on the benefits to schools, in our second year we explored the relationships between chess and mathematics, last year we outlined the interactions between chess and society. This year we return to the basics.

We expect the conference to comprise around 150 people with a very international flavour. All of the attendees have a keen interest in some aspect of chess education, whether as tutors, teachers, educationists, journalists or researchers. Not all are expert chess players by any means.

We are currently working on the Programme for the event and will be sending out an invitation to suggest topics.  We are very interested to hear from people with practical experience of teaching chess and other strategy games in the classroom or after school.

Here is a provisional list of suggested sessions:

  • Using Chess in Primary School Mathematics
  • Promoting Metacognition through Chess
  • Teaching Chess together with other Strategy Games
  • Chess for Disadvantaged Students
  • Training Teachers to Teach Chess
  • Certification for Quality Chess Instruction
  • Lobbying for Chess in the Education Community
  • Evaluating Chess in Education Projects
  • From School Chess to Junior Chess
  • Raising Chess Talent
  • Business Models in Chess Teaching
  • Chess in Libraries, Science Centres and other Informal Settings
  • Chess as a Model for Scientific Research
  • Chess History Research with a Social Perspective

We have had much interest from potential speakers and non-speaking delegates already. Although the deadline for this was 28 September 2016, we are still minded to consider additional presentations on the above themes, proposals for additional sessions and proposals for debating issues. If you would like to submit one, please send us a suggested title and abstract as soon as possible.

Email at

2016 Conference: The Didactics of Chess website

CRS London Academy Chess Camp in October was a Success

We are glad to announce that our 19th Chess Camp in October was successful and very much enjoyed by our students.

We offered a mixture of Chess Lessons, Friendly Games and an Internal Tournament with plenty of Prizes for the Winners!

Prizes were awarded at the end of the camp for the tournament winners, as well as those who showed particular improvement and enthusiasm.

The sessions were delivered by WFM Maria Manelidou, CM Thomas Villiers and Chris Russell.

You are welcome to join our Chess Club which is also held at the same venue of Marlborough Primary School, SW3 3AP.