To help prepare our students to compete beyond Chess Rising Stars, we are delighted to announce our first Online Grand Prix.

You can find our free Grand Prix tournaments on our lichess team page this term. Chess Rising Stars students, parents and friends are all welcome to take part.

Each tournament will have 5 rounds of 10+5 and points will be tallied across the 6 Grand Prix events. We have chosen this time control to mimic the playing conditions in the Junior Four Nations Chess League Online (J4NCLO).

Prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries and will be confirmed at a later date. Your top 5 scores from the 6 Grand Prix events will count towards this.

The online chess tournaments will take place on the following Sundays at 4 pm (GMT) in the Spring Term 2024:

28th Jan = Warm-Up

4th Feb = Grand Prix 1

11th Feb = GP 2

25th Feb = GP 3

3rd Mar = GP 4

10th Mar = GP 5

17th Mar = GP 6

To ensure the integrity of the Chess Rising Stars Online Grand Prix tournaments are maintained, we will use the lichess cheat detection system alongside the observation and judgement of our experienced coaching team.

The Chess Rising Stars London Academy team hope to see many of you there.

Nov 20, 2020

Caplin British Online Chess Championships

The Caplin British Online Championships will take place over two weeks from 18th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021 on the platform. The event is being run by the English Chess Federation in collaboration with the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Ulster, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man Chess Federations/Unions. The British Online will include separate Championships – Open, Women’s, Junior, Senior and Rating Limited. The format is based on one week of qualifier events followed by a week of finals for each Championship.

Each Championship will consist of a qualifier and finals stage with a number of separate events at four different time controls (Standard, Rapid, Blitz and Bullet) as shown in the table below. Players may take part in one or more championships for which they are eligible (e.g. Open, Women’s, Junior etc), and one or more events within their selected championship(s) (e.g. Standard, Rapid, Blitz etc), subject to the entry conditions and playing schedule.

All Standardplay events will be based on a game a day with 7 rounds of qualifiers and 7 rounds of finals each in Swiss format. Standardplay games will be based on direct challenge matches on, started by an arbiter. Faster time controls (Rapidplay, Blitz and Bullet) will be run as platform Swiss tournaments. Further details can be found in the Tournament Summary and Schedule.

Entry will be via an online form, with Single Qualifier and All Events options as follows –

  • Single Championship Ticket – allows the player to take part in qualifiers for one championship, including one or more events at different time controls within that championship, subject to eligibility and playing schedule.
  • All Events Ticket  – allows the player to take part in any/all championships they are eligible for, including one or more events at different time controls across championships, subject to eligibility and playing schedule.

In order to participate in these Championships, all players must either –

  • Have a FIDE Nationality of ENG, IRL, SCO, WLS, GCI or JCI; or
  • Have been continuously resident in England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man since 1st January, 2020; or
  • Be a British or Irish citizen.

All players must be members of their National Federation. English players should be members of the ECF at Supporter level or higher

Championship titles will be awarded separately for each event (e.g. British Online Open Standardplay Champion or British Online Open Rapid Champion etc.)  Further details of the prizes will be published shortly and will include trophies and/or medals for the top placed finalists in all Championship events.

Detailed competition regulations will be issued shortly, including details of arbiter arrangements. ECF Online Fair Play regulations will be in force at all times with tournament specific rules.

All games will be rated in the ECF Online Rating List.

Read more 

Sep 12, 2023

Celebrating Chess Excellence!

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Terafinalists: Celebrating Chess Excellence!

At Chess Rising Stars London Academy we are bursting with pride as we announce two of our brightest stars, Ashwin and Aden, have secured coveted qualification spots for the U10 Terafinal of the prestigious UK Chess Challenge!

At the Northampton Challengers tournament, Aden scored an impressive 7.5/9 and finished 2nd, while Ashwin collected 7 points in 3rd.


From Thousands to Sixty

The UKCC is one of the largest junior chess tournaments in the world. An initial field of tens of thousands of children is now down to just 60.

The road to chess mastery is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a journey filled with late-night endgame puzzles and a thirst for tactics that can outwit even the most seasoned opponents. Aden and Ashwin have just taken another step down this road.

A Historic Venue Awaits

Our dynamic duo, Ashwin and Aden, will now prepare for the grand finale at the illustrious Blenheim Palace. This historic venue, steeped in centuries of British heritage, is a fitting location for the Terafinal. Notably, several previous winners of this tournament have gone on to achieve the Grandmaster title.

A Trio of Triumph

Another shining star from our constellation, Sheng, will join Ashwin and Aden at the Terafinal. Sheng has earned the distinction of qualifying as the top U10 girl from the Online Gigafinal, a testament to her determination and skill on the virtual chessboard.

Good luck to our Students

We invite you to join us in wishing Ashwin, Aden, and Sheng the very best. Their dedication to chess improvement is a source of inspiration.

Stay tuned for updates from the Terafinal in October.