Chess Rising Stars London Academy (CRSLA) coaches are to follow the below Code of Conduct, as provided by the English Junior Coaches and Organisers Association.

As a chess coach in England there are certain requirements around how coaches conduct their activities. The following are important examples of this:

  • Coaches should promote chess in the most positive way possible to junior players.
  • Coaches should provide access to junior players to competition, high quality coaching and national competition.
  • Coaches should promote competition in good quality environments with a high standard of manners, sportsmanship and respect for others.
  • Coaches should provide equal opportunities for all juniors to play chess regardless of gender, culture, race or background.
  • Coaches will treat juniors and their parents with respect and endeavour to carry out the aims of the club.
  • Coaches will not leave members unsupervised at any time.
  • Coaches will set a high standard of behavior and act as role models.
  • Coaches will operate within child protection procedures relevant to teaching children and have due regard to safeguarding both for themselves and the children they are teaching.
  • Coaches should have due regard for online safety when conducting online lessons both for themselves and the children they are teaching.
  • Coaches should not engage in any conduct deemed unprofessional or disruptive to the company or anybody they teach.
  • A generally accepted practice is that all coaches who are coaching children have an enhanced DBS certificate.

All staff of the company are representatives of the company and thus they must ensure they do not:

  • Cause gratuitous offence
  • Bring the company into disrepute
  • Cause offence / injure any other representatives

All staff should act as ambassadors for the game, treating colleagues and others with the same respect that they expect to be treated themselves. This implies that we ensure the views, rights and values of others are treated with sensitivity and respect.

The CRSLA Code of Conduct Policy is approved by the Director of CRSLAMaria Manelidou

Date of last review: 6th November 2023

Code of Conduct