Chess Lessons for Adults

Chess Rising Stars London Academy offers both individual tuition and small group lessons to adults of all chess levels.

We offer interactive and engaging chess lessons online, delivered by our team of experienced coaches. The Chess Rising Stars teachers have been carefully selected and trained by WFM Maria Manelidou and are passionate about sharing their extensive chess knowledge and experience.

Individual Expert Tuition

The Chess Rising Stars team is on hand to provide you with high-quality individual instruction. We will help you to meet your chess goals, whether you are already a tournament regular or simply returning to the game after a break. Many of our adult students came to us as self-confessed beginners and have made excellent progress with us.

Private Lesson Format

Our students find their lessons to be engaging, challenging, fun and creative. We currently teach remotely using online tools including Zoom, Skype, ChessBase and lichess.

Learning Together

Our ambition is to build a community of adult chess players seeking to improve. We will study together and arrange internal matches and tournaments. You can join Chess Rising Stars students from around the world today.

Competitive Chess

If you are keen to compete in OTB or online tournaments, our coaches have supported adult students in their local leagues, tournaments, and even internationally. We have helped students to exceed their rating goals by following our individual training plans.

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