Chess Rising Stars offers breakfast, lunchtime, and after-school chess clubs at primary and secondary schools across London. We believe chess is easy to play, fun to learn, and full of secrets to discover.

Our students and schools have achieved individual and collective successes, including reaching the National Primary Schools Chess Championships 2023 finals.

The Chess Rising Stars team of experienced coaches would be delighted to discuss arranging chess lessons at your school.

In our course, we have been assembling a set of materials that can be used to teach chess in primary and secondary schools. These materials now form an almost complete range for any age.

Sample Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction: Welcome to the world of chess. The history and the goal of chess
  • Chess pieces and how they move
  • Getting off to a good start:  Control the centre, development, and castling
  • Special moves: Pawn promotion, en passant, castling
  • Chess language and notation: Learn to write the moves
  • Attack and defence
  • Middlegame and endgame strategies
  • Chess etiquette and tournament rules
  • Opening tricks: e.g., Scholar’s Mate, Fool’s Mate, and the Fried Liver
Competitive Experience

For the last 20-25 minutes, the children will play against each other, practicing the skills they have learned during our lessons under the observation of an expert coach.

  • We comply with the Department for Education’s September 2023 publication ‘After-school clubs, community activities, and tuition: Safeguarding guidance for providers’.
  • Our experienced coaches hold up-to-date enhanced DBS check certifications.
  • Our Safeguarding Policy can be found here.
  • Our staff Code of Conduct can be found here.
  • Further policy and insurance documentation for school chess clubs are available on request.

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