Chess is easy to play, fun to learn and hard to master. It’s not just a game. Chess is full of secrets to discover. The more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know.


“Chess teaches children the wonderful skills of problem solving, sportsmanship, etiquette, and awareness of others” WFM Maria Manelidou, Founder

Chess Rising Stars are accepting new students to our clubs, camps and for private lessons online and in-person. Check out our courses to find out more.

Start now and don’t look back! It depends on the student but we’ve found you can take up chess at any time from the age of 5.

The Chess Rising Stars team are all experienced chess teachers from around the world. Contact us to outline your chess goals and we will put you in touch with the coach who best fits your needs.

It depends on your chess goals. At Chess Rising Stars we recommend at least one lesson per week to maintain progress. Two lessons would help to accelerate your progress. However, if you are serious about playing in chess tournaments then three or more lessons will elevate your game to the next level.

For children up to around age 12, we recommend using ChessKid because it’s fun, safe and easy to use. There are training videos, puzzles and you can play against children from around the world. For our older students and adults, we’ve found that students’ primarily use either or Both sites offer training resources and a large pool of online players to compete against.

If you’re already asking this question it’s probably time to give it a shot! Tournaments are an excellent way to measure your chess progress against other players. The English Chess Federation’s event calendar lists all the official chess tournaments in the country.
Alternatively, our Chess Rising Stars Online Tournaments can be a great introduction to playing chess competitively.

Our Chelsea Chess Clubs on Saturday afternoons during term-time are for children aged 5-14. For older children and adults, we would suggest using the English Chess Federation’s club finder tool as a starting point.

The Chess & Bridge Online Store stocks chess equipment, books, software and DVDs and more.

Chess rewards disciplined daily practice. We recommend studying a combination of tactics, endgames, openings and thorough game analysis. This can be done ‘the old fashioned way’ using books and a chessboard or by using online tools. It’s up to you!

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