Mar 08, 2018

2018 Candidates Tournament

The 2018 Candidates Tournament starts this Saturday in Berlin, and we’re delighted to be able to reunite the dream team of Peter Svidler and Jan Gustafsson to commentate live on 12 of the 14 rounds. For the first two rounds Sopiko Guramishvili will be filling in for Peter, while we’ve recently learned her husband Anish Giri will be busy in Berlin… as a second for Vladimir Kramnik! Check out all the details in our preview of at least the second most anticipated chess event of 2018.

Peter Svidler and Jan Gustafsson will once again team up to provide the best commentary around on top level chess, with the duo covering all rounds except the first two. For those two rounds we’re delighted that Jan will be joined by Sopiko “Miss Tactics” Guramishvili, who has plenty of experience, including teaming up with Svidler for official commentary on the 2014 Carlsen-Anand match (it’s probably enough to mention the user “DamnS” to jog your memory!).

The schedule looks as follows, with a rest day after every three rounds. All games start at 15:00 Berlin time = 06:00 Los Angeles, 09:00 New York, 14:00 London, 17:00 Moscow, 19:30 Delhi, 22:00 Beijing, +01:00, Sydney. Note the times in the Information tab on our tournament page adapt to wherever you’re based.

Saturday 10 March | Round 1 | Jan and Sopiko
Sunday 11 March | Round 2 | Jan and Sopiko
Monday 12 March | Round 3 | Jan and Peter

Tuesday 13 March | REST DAY

Wednesday 14 March | Round 4 | Jan and Peter
Thursday 15 March | Round 5 | Jan and Peter
Friday 16 March | Round 6 | Jan and Peter

Saturday 17 March | REST DAY

Sunday 18 March | Round 7 | Jan and Peter
Monday 19 March | Round 8 | Jan and Peter
Tuesday 20 March | Round 9 | Jan and Peter

Wednesday 21 March | REST DAY

Thursday 22 March | Round 10 | Jan and Peter
Friday 23 March | Round 11 | Jan and Peter
Saturday 24 March | Round 12 | Jan and Peter

Sunday 25 March | REST DAY

Monday 26 March | Round 13 | Jan and Peter
Tuesday 27 March | Round 14 | Jan and Peter
Wednesday 28 March | Tiebreaks/Closing Ceremony

Tiebreaks are highly unlikely, since once again they’ll only take place if players tied for first are equal on: 1) the mini-match between them, 2) total no. of wins, 3) Sonneborn-Berger. That’s despite the almost unanimous opinion of the chess world since 2013, when Carlsen finished ahead of Kramnik on “most wins” (also = “most losses”), that a playoff should be held if the players tie for first.

For that reason Giri’s employer Kramnik might be one of the most interesting opponents for Magnus, but what’s certain is that anyone who survives the ordeal of the Candidates Tournament will be a fitting opponent for the World Champion.

So all that’s left to say is: don’t miss Round 1 of the FIDE Candidates Tournament with commentary from Sopiko Guramishvili and Jan Gustafsson from 15:00 CET this Saturday!

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