Apr 16, 2021

Who Is The Best Chess Player In The World?‎

You have probably heard someone say “I can beat all my friends at chess” or “I’m the best chess player at my school!” After rolling your eyes, you may have wondered: Who is the best chess player in the world?

The best chess player in the world is currently Magnus Carlsen. Magnus is the reigning world chess champion and has been since 2013.

Born in Norway in 1990, Magnus learned chess when he was five years old. He was quickly identified as a prodigy and became one of the youngest grandmasters of all time at the age of 13. Magnus has won numerous world championships, international tournaments, and online events. He is the world’s top player in every format of chess: from long tournament games to online blitz.

What makes Magnus the best in the world is that he seems to have no weaknesses. While he was a very aggressive player when younger, his game has developed to be strong in every area. He is dangerous without taking too much risk. He is strong in openings, middlegames, and endgames. He plays strategic and positional chess, but he also rarely misses tactical opportunities. And once he gets a small advantage, he knows how to convert it into a win.

Most people agree that not only is Magnus Carlsen the best player in the world right now, but he is also the strongest chess player in history.

Check out this amazing quick knockout game by Magnus Carlsen. It may help you understand why he’s the world champion.

source chess.com